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Payment Terms

We accept:western union, money gram, Credit Card, and bank TT

We guarantee the security of customer payment.

We accept and maintain the following payment methods:

1. Credit Card

Credit Card is the most convenient way of payment.

Notice: If order total more than 800 USD, please choose other payment methods to pay!

2. Western Union

We prefer Western Union transfer (very fast)

Please check the website of Western Union to have more information about the money transfer

website link :

Please contact Jenny for Our Western Union Address:

3. Money Gram(very fast)

Money Gram money transfer is safe, fast and convenient. If you use this way to transfer money, Prices will be lower, and funds are usually available within minutes. You can simply click moneygram.comto get more information.

4. T/T (Wire Transfer via Bank)

Our bank account at Bank Of China(BOC Bank).

Beneficiary Bank: Bank Of China Putian Branch